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Shellac Manicure

What does a Shellac manicure involve?
A Shellac manicure is not too dissimilar to the regular manicure also offered by Oasis Beauty Salon, however rather than gel polish, it uses Shellac. The treatment is a great way to pamper yourself and leave your nails looking gorgeous, whilst also giving your hands some TLC. Every day life can take its toll on your hands, leading to dry, cracked skin, aches and pains. This treatment can help to alleviate all of these symptoms, whilst giving your nails a polish that will stand up against your daily routine.

Benefits of a Shellac manicure
In addition to the relaxing massage and potential benefits to skin, aches and pains, as mentioned above, a Shellac manicure have also have benefits over other types of manicure. The Shellac is more durable and stronger than other gel-based nail polishes, which means that it is less likely that your polish will crack or chip after your treatment.

What does a Shellac manicure involve?
When you come into Oasis Beauty Salon for your Shellac manicure, we will start by examining your nails. If you have any existing nail polish on your nails, then we can remove this for you. You're also free to remove this yourself before coming in for your treatment, so that you have a completely blank canvas.

After examining your nails, and removing any polish if necessary, our therapist will file and reshape your nails; this will remove any rough, broken edges and create a smooth, shaped surface onto which the Shellac is going to be applied. We trim your cuticles back – unless you would prefer to skip this step – after applying cuticle cream to the nails. 

At this point, your nails are fully prepared for the polish to be applied, but first we'll give your hands a massage, which helps relieves aches, strains and stiffness in the joints and muscles. We find that this is a huge benefit to those who have jobs that involve a great deal of repetitive tasks performed with the hands, such as desk-based office workers or manual labourers.

Once your hands have been soothed, and with the nails prepared to receive the polish, we will apply the Shellac. You have freedom of choice regarding which colour and style you would like, though our professionals are on-hand to guide you in choosing colours that are best suited for your skin tone, or for each other, in the case that you want more than one colour. Shellac polish requires UV light to set and harden, which increases the longevity and durability of the polish.

After your treatment
Following your Shellac nail manicure, you should make the most of your treatment, by not overworking your hands for the remainder of the day, as far as possible. You want the positive benefits to last you for as long as possible. The nail polish itself could last for a couple of weeks without chipping, and when it comes time to reapply, we can book you in for another session to remove and reapply the Shellac.

IPL Price List

  • Shoulders £55
  • Upper Back £85
  • Lower Back £85
  • Full Back £145
  • Full Back and Shoulder £165
  • Chest £85
  • Chest and Abdomen £120
  • Decolletage £55
  • Stomach Line £30
  • Bikini from £40-£100
  • Brazilian£55
  • Hollywood£65
Arms and Legs
  • Upper Legs £100
  • Lower Legs inc Knee £100
  • Full Legs £140
  • Full Legs And Bikini £165
  • Half Leg and Bikini £125
  • Toes £28
  • Half Arms £60
  • Full Arms £85
  • Underarms £35
  • Half leg £90
  • Between Brows£18
  • Side of Face £30
  • Lip and Chin £30
  • Chin £30
  • Lip £25
  • Full Face £60
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