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What is a pedicure?
Pedicures are a treatment designed for your feet. The procedure involves the removal of dry and dead skin that easily builds up on areas such as the heels, due to the constant, everyday pressures placed on this area of the body. The treatment also focuses on beautifying the feet, softening the skin, improving tone and also applying shaping, polishing and general treatment to the nail. 

Pedicures are a good way of ensuring you look after all parts of your body. People go to the gym and follow healthy, balanced diets, but rarely do they remember to pamper areas of the body that are easily forgotten, such as the feet. 

Benefits of a pedicure 
A pedicure can help to alleviate or prevent foot problems, something that can easily begin to affect those who work in jobs where there is a need to constantly be stood up or walking, such as nurses, police offers and doctors. 

Not only can pedicures benefit the feet and help with foot problems, but they can also be beneficial for other areas of the body. Bad posture can lead to problems in the back, or even in other areas as high up as the neck. Pedicures can improve your posture, making you walk in a more natural and comfortable position. 

In addition to the physical benefits, a pedicure can also benefit you emotionally. Despite being one of the parts of the body placed under the lost pressure day-in, day-out, the feet are extremely sensitive to touch. When massaged by your therapist, they can be left soothed and can promote full-body relaxation throughout the day. 

What does a pedicure involve?
Your session will typically involve the feet being soaked within a warm foot bath, often with the water being scented. This helps to soften the skin of the feet, which makes them easier to work with, whilst softening up the dry and dead skin, making it easier to remove. This is a wonderfully relaxing sensation, almost akin to a miniature jacuzzi. 

A rub will usually follow to exfoliate the skin and remove all of the softened, damaged or hardened layers of skin, revealing the new softer, supple layers beneath. In terms of the nails, cuticles are cut back and the nails themselves are reshaped, cut and smoothed to give them a better appearance. 

This new, softer skin on the feet is massaged using creams or oils to improve the overall tone and appearance of the skin, and keep it feeling softer for longer, with a good quality nail polish being applied to the nails at the end of your pedicure. 

After your treatment
After your treatment, we recommend taking great care of your feet on the journey home. Where possible, it is best to wear open footwear such as sandals or flip flops, rather than wearing any socks. This allows the skin to breathe and keeps your nails looking beautiful.

IPL Price List

  • Shoulders £55
  • Upper Back £85
  • Lower Back £85
  • Full Back £145
  • Full Back and Shoulder £165
  • Chest £85
  • Chest and Abdomen £120
  • Decolletage £55
  • Stomach Line £30
  • Bikini from £40-£100
  • Brazilian£55
  • Hollywood£65
Arms and Legs
  • Upper Legs £100
  • Lower Legs inc Knee £100
  • Full Legs £140
  • Full Legs And Bikini £165
  • Half Leg and Bikini £125
  • Toes £28
  • Half Arms £60
  • Full Arms £85
  • Underarms £35
  • Half leg £90
  • Between Brows£18
  • Side of Face £30
  • Lip and Chin £30
  • Chin £30
  • Lip £25
  • Full Face £60
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