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Full Body Wax

Why get a full body wax?
A full body wax can be a very rewarding experience, giving you a great boost in body confidence. It's also a great way to prepare for the summer and get ready to hit the beach. The full body wax targets all areas of the body, as the name suggests.

However, we understand that the prospect of going for your first full body wax can be a daunting thought. It's always good to be prepared and to know what to expect, so let us help to put your mind at rest, so that you can make the most of your treatment.

Preparing for your treatment
Taking a warm shower is advisable before attending for your treatment. The warm water will help to soften your skin and open up the hair follicles so that the hair is not so resistant to the wax, therefore making the hair easier to remove and lowering any potential levels of discomfort. 

We would also recommend wearing comfortable and possibly loose-fitting clothes and underwear, which will ensure that any discomfort doesn't bother you immediately after your treatment, just in case there is any soreness afterward, though any soreness will subside after a short period of time.

When booking your appointment, please bear in mind that it is best to leave your body hair alone for at least several weeks prior to coming into Oasis Beauty Salon. This ensures that your hair is at an optimum length to be caught by the wax, making it easiest to remove. By plucking or shaving your hair close to the appointment, hairs may be missed, which can lead to non-uniform growth. Waxing removes the hair from the root, which means that the results last far longer than simply shaving or plucking.

What does a full body wax involve?
Let's get this bit out of the way first; yes, you will need to remove your underwear in order to be able to get a full and proper wax. However, all of our professionals are trained and respectful of every customer, and it is nothing they haven't done before. Your modesty will be respected and you'll be given towels or a robe to keep yourself covered when it suits you.

You'll be consulted on how you'd like the treatment and whether you want to leave any hair remaining at all, or whether you want to go completely bear. The waxing is a fairly straight-forward process. You'll lay on your back and the wax – a warm gel – will be applied with a spreading instrument, before a piece of material is placed across it. This will then be pulled off very quickly, taking the hair with it. Some people do find that this process strings, whilst others say that it's a brief and uncomfortable sensation – but it is entirely safe.

IPL Price List

  • Shoulders £55
  • Upper Back £85
  • Lower Back £85
  • Full Back £145
  • Full Back and Shoulder £165
  • Chest £85
  • Chest and Abdomen £120
  • Decolletage £55
  • Stomach Line £30
  • Bikini from £40-£100
  • Brazilian£55
  • Hollywood£65
Arms and Legs
  • Upper Legs £100
  • Lower Legs inc Knee £100
  • Full Legs £140
  • Full Legs And Bikini £165
  • Half Leg and Bikini £125
  • Toes £28
  • Half Arms £60
  • Full Arms £85
  • Underarms £35
  • Half leg £90
  • Between Brows£18
  • Side of Face £30
  • Lip and Chin £30
  • Chin £30
  • Lip £25
  • Full Face £60
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