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Eyebrow Shaping

(woman – assume there is one section for each gender as it is repeated on brief and on website)
Why get eyebrow shaping?
Lots of women are happy with the eyebrows they have been given, whereas others will look to improve them through the use of makeup, semi-permanent makeup or eyebrow shaping. With a good, professional eyebrow shaping, it can be much easier to maintain your own brows afterward. Follow-up eyebrow shaping sessions with a professional will also be quicker and easier, if you have regular sessions to keep them well groomed.

A professional eyebrow shaping can completely transform the appearance of your face; just one hair can alter the whole appearance of the brow and therefore the face shape. As a result, attempting to reshape your eyebrows alone can be a challenging process. Just one mistake, or taking away too many hairs, can result in an unwanted outcome and weeks of waiting for the hair to regrow. Our specialists are well trained and can give you the best possible outcome with perfectly sculpted brows.

Before your appointment
We recommend that you plan ahead for your appointment, ensuring that you don't pluck any of your own eyebrows for at least a fortnight to a month prior to coming into Oasis Beauty Salon. This gives our professional more hair to work with when shaping your eyebrows, ensuring that you get the best possible result from your session with us.

You shouldn't use any eyebrow pencils prior to your appointment, as our therapists will need to be able to see the natural shape and appearance of your eyebrows. However, it's no trouble for us to remove any makeup that you may be wearing.

What does eyebrow shaping involve?
Our specialist will discuss your needs with you, however they will also know what shapes and styles best suit your face shape and appearance, and will go through this with you. They'll then shape your eyebrows, removing hairs as necessary to create the desired outcome. 

Most customers report that this sensation isn't painful and tingles, more than anything. With each hair removed, the eyebrow area becomes more desensitised, and you should barely feel it. The chances are that you've already done it yourself before!

After your treatment
After a shaping session, you can maintain your own eyebrows moving forward. However, we recommend attending for a session around once per month, to keep your eyebrows in top shape. Hair doesn't grow in one fixed pattern of time, and after three to six weeks, you'll typically see things start to need some professional shaping again. Until then, feel free to pluck any strays with a good pair of tweezers, being careful not to detract from the shape. Just remember, you can always take them out, but you can't put them back in. 

IPL Price List

  • Shoulders £55
  • Upper Back £85
  • Lower Back £85
  • Full Back £145
  • Full Back and Shoulder £165
  • Chest £85
  • Chest and Abdomen £120
  • Decolletage £55
  • Stomach Line £30
  • Bikini from £40-£100
  • Brazilian£55
  • Hollywood£65
Arms and Legs
  • Upper Legs £100
  • Lower Legs inc Knee £100
  • Full Legs £140
  • Full Legs And Bikini £165
  • Half Leg and Bikini £125
  • Toes £28
  • Half Arms £60
  • Full Arms £85
  • Underarms £35
  • Half leg £90
  • Between Brows£18
  • Side of Face £30
  • Lip and Chin £30
  • Chin £30
  • Lip £25
  • Full Face £60
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